The Martin Memorial family has been blessed to have a dynamic leadership team. The Reed team is comprised of Rev. Dr. Anthony Reed, Rev. Karen Reed, Anthon Reed, 11 (AJ), and Jeremiah Robert Anthony (Jerry) and Joel Marion Anthony (Jo). Our pastor and wife hail from Charleston, South Carolina where they me serving God through the church as State leaders in the Young People’s Department of the AME Church that became a match made in heaven and a team put together by God, May 31, 2003 at Ebenezer AME Church. In Charleston, South Carolina they were sealed in matrimony. Dr. Reed has served as Senior Pastor over two congregations. The first was in Boynton Beach at St. Paul AME Church where a small congregation of about 45 people grew to well over 600 in three years. In 2005, God saw fit to send the Reed team to Richmond Heights where they have worked at developing the spiritual souls of the South Florida area. Our congregation has grown under Dr. Reed’s leadership from 400 to over 2,000.



…received his Doctor of Ministry in the area of Church Marketing and Evangelism from the prestigious United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Reed is a prophet to nations. He has been interview by local radio and national news like CNN on hot button topics pertaining to issues affecting people of South Florida.



is an ordained preacher who for several years has served the community as a music teacher in both Palm Beach County and South Carolina. She is an anointed psalmist whom embodies God’s preaching and musical gifts in worship. She is motivational speaker and the founder of “Butterflyz Ministry”, a ministry to break women out of their cocoons. She is a Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry consultant whose gifts and connection to the business allows her to adorn women spiritually and physically for their purpose in God. Together the Reed team has ministered to thousands of people all over the country. Dr. Reed has ministered nationally and internationally with revivals in major cities of America and in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Thousands of souls have been saved while thousands are waiting for the prophetic word that comes out of his mouth. He is not a pastor of just a congregation, he pastors a generation. As pastors, they have a loving heart with a family first approach to relationship and God. They believe that the family is inheritably a divine institution created by God to secure our blessings in the land of the living. Those who are connected to this team are sure to be blessed as the anointing flows from the top of our spiritual leadership to every member in covenant with this ministry.